We routinely attend to our clients’ obligations related to the following taxes: income tax, fringe benefit tax, Goods and Services tax, PAYE, resident withholding tax and non resident withholding tax.

Monthly Reporting

We can import your financial transactions electronically or manually and prepare monthly profit reports on a timely and cost effective basis for your business.

Farm Accounting

We have been preparing financial statements for farmers for almost thirty years.  Our farming clients cover all aspects of farming and are located in many different areas of the South Island.

GST Advice

We can advise your business on all GST obligations.  We can review your own GST reports and preparation procedures.

Business Planning

We have been asked to assist clients in preparing  business plans and evaluating business opportunities, including competition and assessment of competitive advantage as well as relevant budgets for financial resource requirements.

Estate Planning

We are able to prepare detailed plans to enable clients to protect their own capital and ensure that their capital and business transfers readily to their designated successors.

Computer Services

We can assist with systems configuration, systems audit, data security, net-working (including cabling), installation of accounting packages, training and supervision of systems.

Buying & Selling a Business

We can assist in the preparation of profit forecasts related to the purchase of a business and advise on the taxation implications of any business sale or puchase.

Cashflow Projections

We routinely assist clients with their budget projections and then assist with monitoring performance on a monthly basis.

Company Administration

We have expertise in the administration of companies including attention to statutory requirements as set out in the Companies Act 1993, the Financial Reportings Act 1993 and other relevant acts.